2017年から東京デザイナー学院 非常勤講師。

主にポートレートを得意とし俳優やアーティスト、イベント、ライブ等の芸能関係。また企業インタビュー、ビジネスポートレート。 人物以外では食品含め物取り、動物撮影や風景、花の写真など。       またスタジオでのライティングを得意とし、国内外を問わず活動。
恩師 小林幹幸。中島清一 師事。

APA写真家協会 広告アワード2017 入選 東京都写真家美術館

2018年 APA正会員 申請中。


Born in Tokyo.  Studied Acting Drama at London for 4 years and stays .
After coming back from UK, found out that the world of photography and interestead into this way of expressions. Since then turned to the Photography from Acter .  being Photographer now .
From year of 2017 , Tokyo Designers College’s part-time teacher .
Especially most love to shoot as ” Fashion portraits ” . mainly shooting as Acters , Artist & performers also relation with peoples .
for work , business portrait ,interviews & some . also i shoot Food photo , Animals , Landscape & Flowers .
love to set the strobo-shooting at Studio , also work as outside of Japan too .
      - Learned by 2 kind of Photographers of my masters photography –
・1 for photographer called ” Kiyokazu Nakajima ” who mainly works for shooting as the flower photos .
the one of his works to see the photos are  ” Interntional Floral Art works ” .  you could’ve seen his portrait as flower artist and there flower art works …
・the other photographer who i learned ” Motoyuki Kobayashi ” who mainly works for shooting as human portrait also as fashion & wedding , etc … who taught me lots of important things to photographer’s mind and being photographer . and also the lighting and shooting calculates etc …
            - Got the Prize –
APA Award 2017 [ Japan Advertising Photographer’s Associations]  , selected by .
APA members joined in 2018 .
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