2017年から現在 東京デザイナー学院 非常勤講師。

2018年 APA日本広告写真家協会 正会員。

主にポートレートを得意とし俳優やアーティスト、イベント、ライブ等の芸能関係。また企業インタビュー、ビジネスポートレート。 人物以外では食品含め物取り、動物撮影や風景、花の写真など。      またスタジオでのライティングを得意とし、国内外を問わず活動。



恩師 小林幹幸。中島清一 師事。

APA写真家協会 広告アワード2017 入選 東京都写真家美術館

Japan Creators   『JCリーダーズコンテスト 2018「街・花」』,「花」部門 EIZO賞 受賞



マイナビニュース( HUAWAY P20 pro ) , 百葉社ピックアップフォトグラファー,フォトテクニックデジタル12月号 2015(名前のみ),など


主な使用カメラ:  LEICA S (007) / LEICA Q , CANON 5D3 /6D , Leaf valeo + Hasselblood ,


ATZSHI HIRATZKA was born in Tokyo and studied Acting Drama at London for 4 years.

After coming back from UK, Atsushi discovered the world of photography and became passionate about learning to express himself through this medium.  He turned his focus to photography and hasn’t looked back.
In 2017 , he started working as a part time teacher at Tokyo Designers College.
Japan Advertising Photographer’s Associations [APA] members joined in 2018 .

He loves to shoot fashion portraits, actors , artists, performers and capturing human expression through the lens.
Atsushi’s professional work also includes business portraits, food photography, animals , landscape, flowers and also interviews.He enjoys playing with light and uses a variety of strobe shooting techniques in the studio.  Atsushi is available to work inside Japan and also overseas.

Atsushi honed his craft studying with Kiyokazu Nakajima and Motoyuki Kobayashi:

Kiyokazu Nakajima is a photographer of flowers. He is known for his  ” International Floral Art works ”. He is an expert flower,
portrait artist and also in creating flower based art work. who taught me lighting skills and knowledge ,and basic skills and more .

Motoyuki Kobayashi is a photographer of  human portraits, fashion & wedding , etc. He taught Atsushi not only technical skills such as lighting techniques and how to shoot but also how to think like a photographer

– Prizes –

Japan Advertising Photographer’s Associations Award 2017 APA , selected by .

Japan Creators  『JC leaders contest  2018「City & Flowers」』, Category about ” Flowers ”  , got the prize by EIZO .


Mainly using the camera : LEICA S (007) /LEICA Q , CANON 5d3/6D , Leaf valeo + Hasselblood .

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